In 2007, Katrin Liesenfeld-Jordan and Dirk Liesenfeld made their home at the art-lodge, an old farm house in the middle of the carinthian Nockberge mountains that was converted into a small hotel to host not only individual guests but nonetheless their growing art collection. So, the collection is spreaded all over the hotel comprising of two buildings to make young art tangible for the guests and everybody entering the buildings instead of storing it or showing it in the white cube of a museum.

Since the main focus is on collecting art and being in close contact with artists, the opening times of the hotel are adapted to the art projects instead of focusing on sales and key figures.

art-lodge-projects supports an artist-in-residence programme, encouraging artists to benefit from the idyllic surroundings and to integrate with the local community. So, not only young artists have the chance to develop new ideas in a laid back atmosphere, but they help to keep the collectors’ brains and thinking young and updated. Last but not least, the hotel guests benefit from the chance to meet young artists next to their breakfast table and to learn about different ways of thinking in a relaxed and unexcited atmosphere.

The steadily growing sculpture park was built on an approximately 1 hectare alpine pasture and is to offer a surprising experience in this environment - free of charge for all.

Centred around a core belief in conversation and personal exchange, the art-lodge offers a variety of special events including lobby talks, high -art cookings and guided tours, and personal conversation. The art-lodge also provides a range of art books and catalogues as well as a “LOKAL” called bar & café that integrates a tiny concept store with local products up to small art editions.